Beat the Summer Heat

Had some family and friends over last night. Sean made great frozen drinks like Strawberry/Kiwi juice with fresh strawberries, blueberries and rum and margaritas. We had burgers, shrimp kabobs, corn salsa, fresh asparagus, chilled with balsamic vinaigrette and potatoe salad. Garden tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and tossed salad from Jim’s garden. Topped off with the Fourth of July dessert. All cold and all delicious! This recipe is from the Pillsbury Barbecue and Fixin’s from July ’91.

When women argue

There was a recent hullabaloo at some of the message boards that got me to thinking. A poster at AAR really dissected some sentences from a new book by Adele Ashworth. Miss Ashworth responded with some measured replies. Some posters agreed, some didn’t. And then . . . . . an ‘anonymous author’ weighed in with the sort of comment that made me and many others cringe. His/her main thread related to bothersome, nit-picky readers who demand books with few or no grammatical errors. The proverbial gloves came off. Long, technical rants about verb usage and dangling modifiers followed by many angry replies on both sides of the fence.

I couldn’t help but wonder how this whole thing would have played out had the participants been men. Perhaps the argument would go as written below.

Poster # 1 “Didn’t like your book.”
Miss Ashworth “Oh yeah?”
Poster #1 – “Yeah.”
Anonymous Author sucker punches a bystander. Riot erupts.
A single voice from the crowd – “Ya want ta get a beer?”
Poster #1 and Miss Ashworth reply in unison. -“Yeah.”