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Let me preface this by saying I don’t care what anyone else reads or does in the privacy of their own bedroom or spaceship.

But the new sub-genres of books are downright confusing and sometimes I have to think really hard  to imagine, envision or even process the categories of cross-genres. As I was trolling the other day on a book selling site, I found an author that billed herself as LGBT Dystopian Paranormal author. Doesn’t it get crowded with this many people or vampires in the same bed/coffin? Will the government be watching and take away one of the participants leaving . . . uh . . . . I’m not sure who we started with or who they had an affinity for.

The first time I wrote a sex scene I realized I’d added an extra hand somewhere doing whatever. I caught it in the edit and had a good chuckle thinking about a three handed Duke and what I figured was probably a pretty happy wench. Fairly mild and long before we had shape shifters into bondage that were time travelers.



Susan Hatler January 08, 2012 @03:09 pm

It's amazing all the genres authors can fit into one novel, isn't it? LOL re the 3-handed Duke...that could be a whole series. :)

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