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Amazon’s blog is featuring #indie authors this month and has asked writers to share their ‘Indie Author Story.’ Here’s mine.

I spent a long time, years, working the traditional agent/publisher gig; writing, querying, attending conferences, reworking my synopsis, posting & reading at publisher and industry sites, and generally immersing myself in an industry that equally prizes innovation, cherishes imitation, is entirely subjective, and seemed unable to understand that their world was on the cusp of a massive change.

My efforts, and their results, were discouraging. It’s like I spent a decade cataloging DVDs to find out that all my movies are on Amazon or Hulu or Netflix, in alphabetical order, too! I remember when I found out about the first ereader and thought to myself, change is coming. But who knew when? And who could have predicted the depth and breadth and speed with which a centuries old industry was turned on its head.

The answer to my question of ‘when’ is obvious – the answer is now. Between 2009 and today, the publishing industry has gone through some drastic changes and with it some of their power has been eclipsed. Brought on mostly when a convergence of events, including inexpensive ereaders and Amazon’s successful drive to grasp the ebook market through simplicity for the Indie author’s upload and the reader’s download, felled the walls between author and reader. What has emerged is a whole new array of choices for those readers and the brand-new industries that help Indies find their followers.

I write historical romance set in the US and have been very fortunate to find success through Indie publishing. I’ve sold thousands of books and gathered up readers since 2011, when KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) was in its beginnings. Would a traditional agent and/or publishing house have been a better choice for me? Maybe. But then I would have waited much longer, or maybe never received, the wonderful comments I have about my books or gathered readers eager for the next. #poweredbyindieI

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