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Train Station Bride eBook Cover Extra LargeExcerpt:

“Come in,” Julia said to Jake’s knock.

“You are quite a beautiful woman, Julia,” he said as stood in the doorway and stared unashamedly.

Julia watched Jake’s Adam’s apple bob while he gawked at the bow of her robe.  She shimmied down under the sheet. He wanted her; that was certain. She watched him as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was broad and muscular. He was staring at her like Alred McClintok looked at his plate of shrimp. She squirmed as he pulled his pants down over narrow hips. Her one sexual encounter had been in the dark and the sun, while already set, still lit the room softly. She could see clearly.

“Oh dear,” was all she could say.

“I don’t want to do anything you don’t want me to do. Just say the word and I’ll stop,” Jake said as he pulled back the covers on his side of the bed.

Julia dropped her lashes, oddly unafraid. Here she was far from home and family in the bed of a stranger, her new husband, and she was not the least bit frightened. He was a big man, in girth and depth, and it attracted her more than scared her.

“I did like when you kissed me, Jake. Maybe we should start there.”

Jake slipped under the covers and slid his arm under her neck. He settled her on his shoulder and touched his lips to hers. He kissed her ear, and she moaned and moved closer, her breasts to his chest, her knees at his thighs, her toes tickling his shins. Jake slowly pulled the ribbon of her robe open. He growled.

This man was big everywhere. It was heaven, Julia thought. Big enough to keep her father or the bogeyman at bay. Big enough to drown in and feel dainty. She slid her fingers down his side to rest on his hip as he lightly kissed her neck and her shoulders. Julia felt his hand encompass her breast. A low moan rumbled from his chest and she quivered.

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