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Read Harlies Books 5 Star Review of Red, White & Screwed

“. . . . . Dealing with an ex-husband, teenagers, aging parents, the ‘perfect’ sister and her political job…Glenda has a lot on her plate.  Did I mention the shrink visits, too?”

 Divorcee Glenda Nelson poured herself a cup of coffee, sat down at her kitchen table, and opened up the morning paper. That’s when she found out her hand-picked Congressional candidate was caught climbing out of the window of the Sleepytown Motel. With her job as a political strategist on the line, she must put together a damage control plan, and do it fast.

After a multi-year hiatus, Glenda’s love life is finally on the rebound when she meets handsome Christopher Goodwich, a successful artist with oodles of old money. But what will Chris think after witnessing one of her meltdowns? Will his fame and fortune only serve to magnify Glenda’s ineptitude?

And sometimes she just can’t stop wondering why she stayed so long with her philandering ex-husband, or how her sister’s marriage has been so apparently picture-perfect.  While uncovering the secrets behind a political scandal, Glenda finds love, and makes the long trek back to happy.



Red, White & Screwed was featured at The Book Nympho, including an interview and excerpt. Five fabulous stars!

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“I just loved this book. [Reconstructing Jackson] The ending was so beautiful.
After reading it I bought Romancing Olive and I could not put it down –  my life, my home, came to a stand still. I cried the last 30 pages.
I now declare you are my favorite author.”
 Reader Joann Maggio

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  1. Kathy Zaumeyer

    Absolutely excellent book. Just recommended it to several friends. I had a very hard time putting it down, and despite two busy days I finished it quickly. I wish there were more of it.


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